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Beaker Bongs VS. Straight Tube Bongs – Which Style Is Right For You?

Beaker Bongs VS. Straight Tube Bongs – Which Style Is Right For You?

Alan Lee |

we’ve compared so you can decide.

Pepsi or Coke? Mac or PC? PlayStation or Xbox? The superiority of beaker bongs vs. straight tube bongs is a long-debated topic. While they both serve the same purpose, the variations and differences in design may help you determine which style is best for you and your smoking preferences. If you’ve ever been curious or wondered about how these two distinct bong types have measured up to one another, we’ve assessed the pros and cons of each, so you can join the discussion.


Beaker bongs more closely resemble an Erlenmeyer flask than they do an actual beaker, but that’s a debate for another day. Made with a wider base, these bongs provide much more stability to reduce spills and breakage. This can come in handy for those times you jump up to answer the door for the delivery person and accidentally knock it over. The wide base also allows for a larger volume of water to be held, as well as more smoke, ensuring you get the biggest hits regardless of what size beaker you’re using. The more water and ice the smoke must pass through before entering your lungs, the cleaner and smoother the hit will feel. These pieces usually cause less splash back when inhaling, but often require a bit more effort to clear. If this provides any concern, a straight tube bong may be a better option for you.

Honeycomb Beaker Bong – 16 IN


Straight tube bongs are bongs made with straight cylinders and are one of the simpler designs on the market. Despite the smaller foundation design, these are often the types of bongs to come equip with percolators, ice catchers, and multiple chambers, making the way they come much more varied. Typically, due to the small amount of space in the chamber, you won’t need to pull as hard to fill or clear these bongs, but that often depends more on overall size than type. The straight shape also allows for more control over the size hits you take. Be careful though, these tend to be made with smaller bases and thinner glasses, giving them a higher chance to fall over or break from a small hit or drop.

#1 Bong – 18 IN


The common argument for straight tube bongs is that they are easier to clean. However, as is with any piece, if one uses the proper methods and tools, cleaning is more about technique than it is about the shape of what you are trying to clean. You can find tips for cleaning your smoking pieces here. Beaker bongs tend to be a better design for bigger bongs or if you worry about breakage or spills. Simple straight tube bongs are great for beginners of mobile kits, but more complex designs and additions can provide new levels of smooth hitting, although they are often fragile. Weighing the pros and cons of each can influence your decision on your next choice of piece or rig, but ultimately, the argument for beaker bongs versus straight tube bongs is more a matter of preference than fact.